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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

『精神』語録その2 MENTAL Quote #2



今中:それはねえ… どういうんかな。あの…自分が病気が良くなってくるとね、病識が出てきだして病気がよくなってくると、よくなってくるとね、健常者の人のことも見えるようになるんです、相手側もね。ほんで、自分は確かに病気を持っとる。ほんなら健常者は完璧かいうたら、おらんのですよ、そんな人は。人間ね、僕の目から見たら人間はね、精神障害であれ普通の人であれね、あの、いわゆる全人的にねえ、あの、「健」状態の人はこの世の中探しても一人もいないんすよ。一人もいないんすよ、そのことが分かってくるわけでね。

IMANAKA: I understand that healthy people put a curtain on mentally ill patients. But the sad thing is that sometimes, we patients isolate ourselves from regular people with a curtain, too. In my case, when I was 25, I got rid of the curtain, or the prejudice inside me. People certainly have prejudice against us, but I thought I can at least get rid of my own prejudice against myself.

SODA: How did you actually get rid of that?

IMANAKA: Well…I don’t know how to put it… But, when my condition was getting better, I started to understand regular people better.I asked myself, “It’s true I’m mentally ill, but if you’re healthy, does that mean you’re perfect?” I realized that not one person in this world is absolutely perfect. It doesn’t matter if he’s healthy or sick, but nobody as a whole person is perfect. Nobody.

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