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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Oversea Vote 参院選に在外投票


Today, I went to the Consulate-General of Japan to vote for the House of Councilors election. We were not able to vote for elections from foreign countries at all until only several years ago - year 2000. For a long time, our right to vote had been denied only because we lived abroad. And even after 2000, we were able to vote only for "proportional representation" elections, which was ruled by the Supreme Court to be unconstitutional. And finally from this year, we can now vote for "district" elections as well. It's quite upsetting that this simple thing had not been realized for such a long time. And I really demand that law makers should change the laws to let us also vote for local elections from overseas.

When you vote from overseas, naturally, you do so without seeing election cars with loud speakers, candidates with name sashes, nor election posters with smiling faces- the part of familiar landscape during the election seasons in Japan. So, how did I choose which candidate/party to vote for? I simply checked their websites, blogs, and read their platforms, googling quite a bit. It wasn't difficult to make up my mind. I didn't miss these election cars or posters at all which use huge amount of tax payer's money. I really doubt they are necessary. (Pictures below: my "Certificate of Oversea Vote Registration" All the elections I voted for from overseas are recorded in the back.)

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