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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back in NY ニューヨークに帰還


I'm back in New York from Seoul. Since it takes only 2 hours to fly from Seoul to Tokyo, it was tempting to stop by, but I just flew to NY directly because I've been moving around too much lately.

The first edition of Cinema Digital Film Festival was GREAT, to say the least. Movie selections and guests were fantastic, Korean food was delicious even though it wasn't exactly vegetarian friendly. Moreover, I was deeply impressed with Korean people's hospitality - each guest was supported by a volunteer who speaks your language, in my case, Japanese. My volunteer was a 22-year-old collage student who speaks fluent Japanese. She was funny, warm and smart. She even picked Yama-san up from the airport when he decided to come to Seoul at the very very last minute. Thank you!

When I returned to New York, the national election of the Upper House was going on in Japan. In the end, the Liberal Democratic Party took a huge loss. The Democratic Party became the ruling party of the House for the first time in history. Amazing.

The cartoon below was a present from a famous Korean cartoonist. He watched all the films in the competition and drew a piece on evert single one. I just loved it.

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