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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Lunch with Yoshio ヨシオさんとランチ


Finishing up campaigning and the shoot of my next doc in Japan, I and my wife Kiyoko came back to our home base New York, after a month and a half of absence. The day we arrived here was so hot, but yesterday, it was nice. So, we had a lunch at a cafe in Astoria with our old friend Yoshio Itagaki. He is an excellent artist and designed all of our movie/dance posters including the original English CAMPAIGN poster. I and Kiyoko are big fan of this guy. Check his stuff out!

Yoshio is THE OLDEST friend in New York for me. When I came to New York 14 years ago, carrying my suit case, I met him at an "English as Second Language" class. At that time, he also just arrived in New York, and we both lived in the same dorm! I felt that we shared some kind of fate here, and that's exactly what happened in the past 14 years. In fact, none of the friends I got to know when I was a ESL student lives here anymore. New York is such a place where people (including Americans) just come and go. Every time I see Yoshio, I feel like I am meeting my old family.

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