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Sunday, July 22, 2007

It was tough! 痛かった…


Yesterday, CAMPAIGN was screened in New York City for the first time as a part of a film festival. Many friends came (Thank you!), which made me so happy, but because of that, I felt even more painful that the condition of the projection was far from the ideal.

It was tough because they converted a party room with large windows to a tentative screening room. Even with heavy curtains, the room didn't become dark enough. As a result, black and colors were totally washed out. Images looked cheap and had no depth. A movie needs darkness to be a movie.

In addition to this, the projector refused to be adjusted to a wide screen mode, and the whole movie was presented in a squeezed 4:3 mode. This totally ruined my compositions. I felt really sorry and ashamed that people paid to see this. Even if you spent years to make your movie perfect, it could be ruined in the very last phase - presentation. It's scary. Last night, I woke up a few times because of nightmares.

Even in this condition, however, New York audience was warm and responsive (thanks again!). They seemed to enjoy the movie laughing pretty hard from time to time. Q&A after the screening was fun, and many of my friends tried to cheer me up saying "Don't worry, nobody didn't really care about the compositions or colors. We enjoyed the movie." Maybe they were right, and I really appreciate what they say, but still, I didn't feel OK. I care about compositions and colors, indeed.

I feel grateful and honored that the festival invited CAMPAIGN. And this festival is very important to New York. And that is precisely the reason that I want them to improve the environment in which they show movies.

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