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Friday, July 02, 2010






The re-release of CAMPAIGN is still going on in Tokyo and Niigata.

Meanwhile, we're also re-releasing MENTAL in Tokyo, Osaka, and Okayama, starting from July 17th, which commemorates the release of DVD on July 24th. If you say "July 24th" at the box office, your admission will be reduced to 1000 yen. Since I make my films to be seen and to be experienced in movie theaters, please take this opportunity to go and see it. Official website lists the screening schedule (in Japanese).

DVD of MENTAL is equipped with English and Japanese subtitles (Okayama-ben) for English speakers and the hearing impaired (the main movie only). It also has 80 minutes of bonus materials which include a long interview of Dr. Yamamoto, a discussion by patients who appeared in the film, the first screening in Okayama and Tokyo, etc... A brochure which includes a discussion between Tatsuya Mori and myself is also included. We spent so much energy and time to produce it!

You can book a copy at amazon etc.

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