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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sato Makoto Memorial 佐藤真さんを偲ぶ会


On September 26, I attended a memorial of Sato Makoto, a renowned documentary filmmaker who suddenly passed away this month at the age of 49. The memorial was filled with so many people, especially from the Japanese movie industry. It was comforting for me to talk about Sato-san with people who know him. I was glad to be there. I even met some new people. Sato-san connects people, even after his death.

In the train to Ashikaga, I read his first book NICHIJO TOIU NANO KAGGAMI which I bought in Jimbo-cho in Tokyo. This book is so interesting. Sato-san's thoughts and philosophy stimulates my heart and brain even now. His body is certainly dead, but his works, his spirit is very much alive.

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