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Thursday, September 20, 2007

A discussion with Kawase-san 河瀬直美さんと対談



On Sept 19, I met Naomi Kawase (MOGARI NO MORI) to have a discussion on documentary. It will be transcribed on GENDAI SHISO magazine to be published in early October.

At a meeting right before the discussion, I was astonished to hear Mr. O, an editor of the magazine say "the article will probably be about 30,000 words." 30,000 words?! That's a book, not an article. Amazing. Mr. O also showed me the line-up of the people who are contributing to this issue, which included almost every important figure in the Japanese documentary world. This is a must buy, really. In the line-up of essays, I found the name of Makoto Sato (LIVING ON THE RIVER AGANO) who suddenly passed away last month. Unfortunately, it turned out to be the last thing he wrote...

Anyway, Kawase-san wore a beautiful kimono. When taking pictures together, she made me laugh saying "Soda-san, people might misunderstand that you are having fun at a bar in Ginza." Her background, way of thinking, and approach to documentary, are quite the opposite of mine, but at the same time, I felt that the we shared the same philosophy toward filmmaking in a profound way. It was quote deep. The magazine will transcribe almost everything we said in an hour and a half discussion. I wish we had more time, though. She said she's coming to Yamagata Film Festival, so hopefully, we'll continue our talk there...

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