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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Production Note 製作ノート


CAMPAIGN (SENKYO) was shot in 2005 from October 7th to the 23rd. There were only 12 actual shooting days, which, together, produced about 60 hours of raw footage. Kazuhiro Soda was the sole staff member involved in shooting. He photographed, recorded sound, and carried equipment all at the same time and without an assistant. Because he didn't have his own car, he road with his subjects, used public transportation, or walked. Soda edited CAMPAIGN (SENKYO) on his non-linear editing system at home in New York City. The process took about 10 months to complete.

Kazuhiko Yamauchi and Soda are classmates from Tokyo University. In October 2005, Soda was packing his suitcase to go to Japan to shoot MENTAL ILLNESS (in production), when he learned from a friend that Yamauchi was running for public office. Soda quickly got shooting permission from Yamauchi and the Liberal Democratic Party, and adjusted his schedule so that he could shoot CAMPAIGN (SENKYO). Because he had no time to raise money, Soda assumed all the costs of shooting.

Before making this movie, Soda had never been involved with an electoral campaign. However, he had always been interested in making a movie about an election. A few years ago, he submitted a proposal to a television network to produce a documentary about an electoral campaign in the U.S. The network’s executive producer turned down his proposal because of its political content.

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