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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Comments on CAMPAIGN 観た人のコメント


<本作で描かれた選挙運動の舞台裏は、日本固有のものであると同時に普遍的だ。この映画は、スマートで笑えてサスペンスに満ちており、『ロスト・イン・トランスレーション』や『作戦室 (The War Room)』を連想させる>



"CAMPAIGN (SENKYO) is a behind the scenes look at a political campaign that is uniquely Japanese, but also, somehow, universal. It's smart, funny and suspenseful-- part Lost in Translation and part The War Room."
- Marshall Curry, Oscar Nominated Director of "Street Fight"

"I learned more from your doc about Japan than all the Kurosawa films I've seen combined"
- David B. Carren, writer of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" TM

"I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. It is funny and insightful and really captures the senkyo mood. Congratulations!"
- Gerald Curtis, "Election Campaigning Japanese Style"
Burgess Professor of Political Science, Columbia University

"In this film, a campaign for a single seat in the city council becomes a microcosm of Japanese canvassing politics as whole. Following behind the scenes, the camera--amazingly--captures the essence of Japanese society, while maintaining a comfortable distance--neither too close nor too far away. This "direct cinema" is especially successful because its director, Kazuhiro Soda, who lives in the United States, examines a quintessential Japanese organization, the Liberal Democratic Party, from the point of view of an outsider. Indeed it is this that makes this movie so unique and new."
- Sato Makoto, Director of "Living on the River Agano"

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