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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Director's Bio 監督の略歴


KAZUHIRO SODA was born and raised in Japan and has lived in New York since 1993. He has directed numerous fiction films and TV documentaries, but CAMPAIGN (SENKYO) is his first feature documentary. While he was still a student, his short fiction film "The Flicker" (1997) competed for a Silver Lion Award at the Venice International Film Festival in Italy. "Freezing Sunlight" (1996) was nominated for a New Filmmaker's Award at the Sao Paulo International Film Festival in Brazil. "A Flower and a Woman" (1995) won a Special Commendation in the Canadian Annual International Film Festival. Among the many TV documentaries Soda has directed, "Landscape Without Mother" (NHK) won a Telly Award in 2001. He holds BFA in Filmmaking from the School of Visual Arts and BA in Religious Studies from Tokyo University. Soda is a big fan of The Dalai Lama and conducted an interview with him in 1994.

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