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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Article on Village Voice

On Village Voice, an article about MoMa's Documetnary Fortnight program just came out. It describes MENTAL very positively (although the screening date is wrong- correct date is Feb 22).
The next series standout is Kazuhiro Soda's Mental (February 20), about the depressed, neurotic, and otherwise paralyzed patrons of a Japanese psychiatric clinic. Hitting hard with a few quick, numbing consultations, Soda then slowly and compassionately circulates among patients and staff. Though the film is noted for breaking Japanese taboo-powered silence about mental illness, I haven't seen many American documentaries as devoted to stalled-out minds. Soda's appreciation for his subjects' desperate resilience and camaraderie is balanced by an unappeasable crank monopolizing the community-center phone at the film's conclusion.

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