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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Red carpet @ Berlinale 普段着でレッドカーペット


On Feb 8, Berlin Film Festival finally started, and I and my wife arrived in Berlin. We suffered some jet lag, but we managed to register with the festival, met many people of Forum, UniJapan, IFP, and did some interviews for a Japanese news paper. We were so busy!!!

But I was a bit shocked when I received an invitation to the opening ceremony which said "Formal." I only had jeans because for some reasons, I didn't even think that this kind of situation might happen. Well, I just decided that these jeans were my formal clothes, and walked on the red carpet carrying some back packs. And I shot some pictures of paparazzi! I was quite amused that they seemed quite puzzled about the strange behavior by an strange Asian guy.

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