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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Great Reviews 批評家の間で大評判!


by Andreas Platthaus(独「Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung」紙 *ドイツで最も影響力のある全国紙)

by Thomas Sotinel(仏「ルモンド」紙)

by Silvia Hallensleben(独「Der Tagesspiegel」紙)

by Bert Rebhandl(独「Die Tageszeitung」紙)

by Florian Güßgen(独「Stern」誌)

by Christoph Mayerl(

by Christian Westheide(Festival Blog Berlinale 2007)

by Fabio Fusco(伊「Cinema Zone」)


While in Berlin, I was interviewed by more than 20 press, and the film was covered by more than 50 news papers, TV segments, radios, and online media. Press screening on Feb 12 was packed and there were people standing. Here are some of the positive reviews by critics.

"A brilliant documentary"
"The sensation of the Berlinale"
"A grandiose introduction to the Japanese mentality"
by Andreas Platthaus, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (The most influential daily news paper in Germany)

"A parody profiling the fascinating personality of its hero"
by Thomas Sotinel, Le Monde, France

"CAMPAIGN is the very best kind of 'Direct Cinema'."
"Despite its tragic protagonist, the Campaign just may be the funniest film in the Forum."
by Silvia Hallensleben, Der Tagesspiege

"Rarely has a film achieved such an intimate view of the political process."
by Bert Rebhandl, Die Tageszeitung

"CAMPAIGN, in 120 entertaining minutes, give us an effortless inside look at 'J-Democracy' (Japanese Democracy)."
by Florian Güßgen, Stern Magazine

"The lack of preparation was a blessing in disguise for this film. The camera is relentlessly close to its subject--nothing is directed."
by Christoph Mayerl,

"CAMPAIGN is a crash course on Japanese politics."
by Christian Westheide, Festival Blog Berlinale 2007

"Soda delivers a ingenious and intense portrait--not only of Japan's election campaign process, but of its culture and society as well.
by Fabio Fusco, Cinema Zone, Italy

"One of those rare treasures that is both frightening and funny at the same time."

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