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Friday, July 15, 2011

『Peace』いよいよ公開! Peace to open in Japan!



11:15(=日本語字幕付き), 13:15, 15:15, 17:15, 19:15(=英語字幕付き)

7/16, 17, 18は想田が1日5回合計15回の「Q&Aマラソン」を敢行。1​1:15の回のQ&Aには手話通訳もついています。また、7/2​0 と7/21には、19:15の回に追加で質疑応答を予定。


Tomorrow, Saturday July 16th, our movie PEACE will finally open at Theater Image Forum in Shibuya, Tokyo. The daily screening schedule is below:

11:15(with Japanese subtitles), 13:15, 15:15, 17:15, 19:15(with English subtitles)

On July 16, 17, and 18, I'm doing a Q&A marathon - 5 times a day, 15 times in 3 days! The Q&As after 11:15 screenings are with sign language translation. In addition, on July 20 and 21, I will do Q&As for 19:15 screenings.

At 11:15 on July 17th, We'll have Akihiro Yonaiyama from Japanese Theater of the Deaf as a guest for the Q&A. Also at 13:15 on the same day, Daisuke Tsuda, a renowned media journalist, will be our guest.

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