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Saturday, March 21, 2009


We're back in NY after presenting MENTAL to the audience in Paris and shooting our next documentary THEATER.

Next week, I'm attending Hong Kong International Film Festival which will screen MENTAL in the competition. According to their website, the screenings are both sold out....

Date: 27 Mar 2009
Time: 7:15 PM
Venue: UA Cityplaza

Date: 31 Mar 2009
Time: 9:30 PM
Venue: UA Langham Place

ブラジルのリオとサンパウロで3月25日−4月5日に開かれる「It's All True」映画祭でも、『精神』が上映されます。スケジュールは下記サイトで。
In Rio and Sao Paulo in Brazil, from March 25 till April 5th, MENTAL will be screened as a part of IT'S ALL TRUE FILM FESTIVAL. The schedule can be checked at the site below.

その後はドイツのフランクフルトで行われるNippon Connection映画祭で上映されます。
After that, MENTAL will be screened at NIPPON CONNECTION FILM FESTIVAL in Frankfurt, Germany.

日本での『精神』公開も、準備が着々と進行しています。 まだ工事中のページも多いけど、『精神』日本語公式サイトはリニューアル中。
The preparation for the theatrical release in Japan is in progress. The renewed official website has a lot of pages still under construction, though.

The blog by the publicity team has been set up. We're looking for enthusiastic supporters of MENTAL.

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