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Friday, August 29, 2008

Comments on MENTAL


ー 河瀬直美(映画監督)

ー 筑紫ゆうな(アーティスト)

ー 大山修平(精神科医)

A few comments on my new documentary, MENTAL.

This observational film by Soda really questions the conventional boundary that separates the mentally ill and healthy people.
- Naomi Kawase, Film Director

The uncontrollable nature of our SEISHIN, or mind, is depicted in its raw form.
- Yuna Chikushi, Artist

Watching MENTAL, I smiled every 5 minutes, and cried 3 times. Without a doubt, it is a masterpiece. It is meant for people who can't help revering the human soul that is formless and mysterious.
- Dr. Shuhei Oyama, Psychiatrist

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