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Thursday, August 16, 2007

To the sea 海へ

 急に夏が惜しくなったので、カミさんと一緒に海に出かけた。行き先はFire Island。電車とフェリーを乗り継いで片道2時間半。別荘地なんだけど、野生の鹿がうろうろしている。

All of a sudden, I realized that the summer is almost over, so I and my wife Kiyoko went to a beach. It is the Fire Islands, two and a half hours trip from New York City by trains and a ferry. We found wild deers walking around.

There are many movies and novels which have scenes at beaches, but to me, KOKORO (1914) by Soseki Natsume comes to my mind first when I think of the sea. In the first scene of KOKORO, "I" met "Sensei" at a beach of Kamakura, Japan. I felt I was traveling time and space by reading KOKORO at a beach that is hundreds of miles and 93 years away from Soseki's Kamakura.

It was a one day trip, but I felt quite refreshed.

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