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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Newly Arrived Comments 新着コメント

『選挙』について、各界からコメントをいただきました。ご紹介します。 なお、英語の引用は日本語の翻訳ではなく、全く別物です。
I've got some new comments on CAMPAIGN, which I'd like to introduce below. English quotes are not the translations of the Japanese. They are totally separate.



選挙はギャグだ!! 投票するより出馬しろ。そんな映画だ!! 
(大川豊/大川興業 総裁)

政治家——この哀しきヤカラに心より同情…なんかしないけどね(笑) 有権者として「選挙」には付き合ってあげるワ。 




Fascinating insight into the inner-workings of the Japanese political machine.
- The New York Times

Campaign is fascinating stuff, with Yamauchi trying to be all things to all people – but it's also hilarious.
- Austin Chronicle

Director Kazuhiro, a schoolmate of Yamauchi, tells his story with much affection and respect, and the access provided by his old chum provides a rare view of on-the-ground Japanese politics.
- Sydney Film Festival

Director Kazuhiro Soda, an experienced doc lensman, follows Yamauchi's election to the nail-biting conclusion. But Campaign is also wincingly hilarious, with the harried candidate running around like a man on fire, addressing disinterested commuters and even people sleeping in their homes with his omnipresent P.A. system.

Campaign is not a movie with a political discourse, but one where the director comes closer to a portrait of contemporary Japanese society, that reflects Japan´s complex essence in detail.
- Barcelona Asian Film Festival

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