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Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Fateful Picture 運命の1枚


It all started when K, an old friend of mine, e-mailed me this picture on October 2, 2005. K was so surprised to see Yama-san's posters in the streets of Kawasaki, which made him snap a picture. Then, he sent it to a few friends (including me) to find out what this all means.

It is kind of like a miracle that K coincidentally saw this poster in Kawasaki because he lives in Tokyo and usually does not go to Kawasaki at all. It is even more miraculous that he happened to have a camera when he saw it, took a picture, and e-mailed it to me in New York. If K had not done what he did, I probably didn't know Yama-san was running for office for years, thus I would never have made my little documentary CAMPAIGN (SENKYO). So, this picture is pretty fateful.

The moment I saw this picture, my intuition told me that I could make a movie. And 5 days later, I was already rolling my camera. This kind of encounter does not occur so often. Thank you, K.

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