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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Complaint to BBB

If you're using Airnex Communications Inc ( for long distance and other services, we suggest you look into your bills. They may have cheated you!

I have filed a complaint to BBB (Better Business Bureau) because they refuses to admit/correct their fraudulent billing practices. We've been their customer since 2001, but we immediately terminated their services because we cannot trust them anymore. The complaint is copied and pasted below.




Airnex is doing Fraudulent billing practices (hidden charges) and double charges but refuses to admit it or correct it in a proper way.

We have been a loyal customer to Ainex Communications Inc for our long distance phone services since 2001, and we have enrolled in their automatic payment system for many years. Our account number is xxxxxxx.

But on May 27, 2014, we noticed that they've been charging us much higher than they should.

1) For example, in the invoice closing on April 30, 2014, they charged for $29.00 for "Long Distance Access & Usage" but if we calculated our usage based on the "call details", it was only $24.17. And when we checked the previous month (closing date:March 31), they charged $68.68 when in fact, we only used $45.35. We do not know when this kind of billing practice exactly started because many of our invoices are missing, but it looks they have been doing this for a while.

2) We also noticed that they've been doing double charges of calls for at least over the last two year period. For example, the same exact calls we made on 3/29 and 3/30 in 2014 for Japan were charged on two invoices whose closing dates are April 30 and March 31.

3) We also noticed that they charged late fee of $20.00 in the invoice whose closing date was October 31, 2013. But how can we be late if we are enrolled in their automatic payment system?

We don't keep all the invoices so we have no idea when it all started.

On May 27, 2014, we called the company's Japanese speaking customer service. Ms. Yamada, who refused to give us the full name because of their "company policy," said that they are entitled to add up to 20% of the long distance calls we made and that's in their "terms of conditions" on their website. And that's her answer to the 1) problem we had.

But we have never received any letters or notices explaining that. The invoice doesn't even mention or explain the fact that the charges are increased. It's totally invisible! The only way we could find out about the increased charges is by manually calculating our usages. But who calculates? Isn't it fraudulent? We certainly feel we've been cheated. In the invoice of June 30, 2013, there was no such increased charges so it's probably something they started after that.

To Ms. Yamada, we demanded that the company should review all of our invoices in the past and refund all the money they overcharged. Ms. Yamada said that they can only go back to 3 months to review our invoices but we said that's not acceptable for us. She promised to consult her boss and that she would call us again.

On May 28, Ms. Yamada called us after consulting her boss. She said she will refund $20+ for the past 3 months bills but she can't go back further. Instead, she wanted to pay us an additional $50 to settle the case($70+ in total). We refused and demanded the full investigation.

Then, she called us again. She offered $20+ and $100 to settle the case ($120+ in total). She said that's the maximum the company can offer. We refused and demanded the full investigation.

That's where we stand now.

My request is very simple. Review all of our invoices and refund what has been overcharged. Why can't they do that? We don't understand. It should be their very basic responsibility.

I suspect that the company is strategically employing such a fraudulent billing practices to increase their revenue.

Because we lost our trust to the company, we cancelled their services immediately. We are waiting for their sincere apology, acknowledgment of their mistake, full investigation, and a full refund.


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  2. ありがとうございます。いまBBBからの返事待ちですが、進展がありましたらまたお知らせしますね!

  3. Anonymous3:27 AM


  4. エアネクスから全く誠意のない回答が届きましたので、以下のように反論しました。

    On June 02, 2014, the business provided the following response:

    "This account was closed and credited with an adjustment on the account,we left message for this client as we could not get hold of them.we have spoke with this client and offer them a courtesy credit customer did not accept and left no choice than closing the account, our offer is still exist if client would consider having our service back. Regards Airnex Support."

    We do not accept this outrageous response because it's full of lie and deceit.

    First of all, Airnex never ever left us a message.

    Secondly, it's us (not Airnex) who decided to close the account because we don't trust the company anymore.

    Thirdly, we demanded a sincere apology and investigation about their fraudulent billing practices, but they never did or have any intention to do it. They do not address our demand at all.

    Lastly, why do we need to put our service back to receive the refund we deserve? That's a total nonsense.

    On BBB's watch, how can they get away with this? Is there any justice here?

    Once again, we are waiting for their sincere apology, acknowledgment of their mistake, full investigation, and a full refund.

    Kazuhiro Soda

  5. Anonymous10:27 PM

    ひとつ思い出しました。一時期、電話が全く通じない("the phone is currenetly unavailable"というメッセージが届くのです。エアネクスを使わずに電話をかけると直ぐに通じるので、エアネクスの不手際だとは思うのですが)事が続いた時期ありましたが、その時期にも通話請求がされていました。不思議に思って問い合わせたところ、私の通話ではないと証明すれば返金しますとの事でした。証明って・・・とその時は面倒になり、何もしなかったのですが。他にも似たような経験をされた方がいるのか、気になります。

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