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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Watch Docs 人権映画祭

 映画祭では、9本のドキュメンタリー映画を観た。中でも心に残ったのは、中国の警察署の実態を淡々と描いた『罪と罰』(Zhao Liang監督・中国)、暴力的な子供を集め教育する寄宿学校を観察した『Hold Me Tight, Let Me Go』(Kim Longinotto監督・イギリス)、コロンビアの暴力の連鎖の構造を子供たちの世界を観察することで浮き彫りにした『ABC Columbia』(Enrica Colusso監督・イタリア/フランス)など。非常に充実したラインナップで、質の高い映画祭であると感じた。惜しむらくは、上映機材の制約からほとんどがDVDによる上映で、画質があまりよくなかったことである。『選挙』の上映も、おせじにも状態がいいとは言えなかった。ただ、その辺は映画祭側も気にしているようで、今後改善されるのではないかと期待が持てた。


I'm back from Warsaw where CAMPAIGN was screened on Dec 8th and 10th. Since it was a human rights festival, many of the audience were government officials or students in politics. The atmosphere was quite different from other festivals. The Q&A after the screening on 10th lasted for an hour, the longest I have experienced so far. Many people pointed out that the relationship between Polish citizens and politics is similar to that of the Japanese. I was a bit surprised as I know how severe the sufferings Polish people had to endure because of politics they had. They were also surprised to see the world of a Japanese election campaign since they seemed to believe that Japan enjoys a matured democracy system.

It's been almost 20 years since the communist government collapsed in 1989 in Poland. To me, that dramatic event seems like yesterday, but 20 years is obviously enough time for a country to change drastically. Walking around the streets of Warsaw, the town looked no different from other Western European cities. The abundance of material and even the prices are the same as New York. Many of the staffs of the festival - they are mostly in their 20's - barely experienced the end of the communist era. The most popular foreign language to learn now is English, not Russian, and many young people speak very fine English.

Entering its new era, Poland seemed to be full of energy and hopes of youth. It has not been touched by the decadent feeling we often experience in Japan or in America. A bright future is yet to come to this country, I felt.

The line up of the festival was very strong. During the festival, I saw 9 documentaries in total. Among them, I particularly liked CRIME AND PUNISHMENT by Zhao Liang, HOLD ME TIGHT, LET ME GO by Kim Longinotto, and ABC COLUMBIA by Enrica Colusso. They were all observational, insightful, and courageous, I thought. One thing which disappointed me was that most films including CAMPAIGN were screened on DVD. Naturally, they didn't look too good. But the festival is aware of this, so I guess they will probably improve the situation in the next year.

Pictures (from above): Old part of Warsaw, Festival Director Maciej (right) and Coordinator Anna, the entrance of a theater where CAMPAIGN was screened.

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